Operational since 2000, Central Queensland Exploration has continued to improve the quality of services offered to its clients in a number of capacities. These key areas include investing in new equipment and staff development. Central Queensland Exploration utilises a growing fleet of modern drilling rigs, including the newly purchased Sandvik DE811i as well as a state of the art continuous mixing colloidal grouting unit.

Central Queensland Exploration is committed to providing safe, efficient and cost effective drilling services and ensures a safe and efficient working environment for both personnel and clients through its first class drill management system. All top head drive rigs are fitted with hands-free break out & remote control pipe handling systems.

Central Queensland Exploration is widely recognised for its professional and reliable services and ability to ‘get the job done on time & under budget’. Since its formation, Central Queensland Exploration has subsequently developed a solid relationship with a number of clients. All seven drill rigs & grout unit are currently contracted and actively engaged.

Central Queensland Exploration offers near 50 years of combined experience in the drilling industry through its two directors; Matthew and Stuart Bredhauer who built on the business on their personal commitment to honesty, integrity and hard work.