Manufacture Date: December 2004


Mast Gross Load Capacity of 20430kg
Draw Works Single Line Pull 4500kgs
Depth Rating 427m 2 7/8 Drill Pipe
Depth Rating 320m 3 ½ Drill Pipe
On Board Dual Stage Piston Compressor 750cfm/100psi or 525cfm/200psi
Interlocked Rotary Table Guard

Rig Carrier

Mercedes Benz Actros 8×4 3240 Fully Computer Monitored Diagnostic System.
Ancillary Support Equipment

2005 Atlas Copco XRVS466 1000cfm/360psi Silenced High Pressure Compressor

1996 Volvo FL10 8×4 Truck Fitted With a 6100lt Flat Bed Water Tank ROPS Fitted

Trailer Mounted 4c Core Barrel Slide

F250 Dual Cab 4×4 Crew Vehicle

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BourneDrill 1250R